December ’20 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

Congratulations go out to Brothers Matt Carlton and Felix DeJesus and Sister Andrea Rodriguez for passing their Mechanics Exam.  Good luck to the remaining eight apprentices awaiting the exam.

December 11 is the final day apprentices will have access to their unit exams through NEIEP’s distance learning portal.  Those who do not complete their exams with a passing grade will not be eligible to take their final exam the following week.  Apprentices must also have all their OJT hours submitted on time to continue to remain eligible to continue in the program.

The Local 17 School Board has asked NEIEP to extend their apprentice list through September 2021.  The extension request is due to the ongoing pandemic.  During the time this list has been active, 12 new apprentices have started work in Local 17.

The Elevator Licensing Bill is once again making its way through the state legislature and is coming up for a committee vote.  If it passes out of the committee it will have to pass the State House and Senate before going to the Governor for his signature.  The bill would require the licensing of elevator constructors in the State of Ohio in a similar way that other trades are regulated by the state. 

The Children’s Christmas Party normally scheduled for the second Saturday of December has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  

It was reported at the November meeting that the Local had as of that time five members off work for COVID or COVID related exposure.  All members are encouraged to use masking, social distancing and hand washing as preventive measures as well as limiting exposure to others in group gatherings.

As of this writing the United Irish Society of Greater Cleveland, the sponsors of the annual Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade, are planning for the return of the event for 2021.  IUEC Local 17 is slated to march if the event is held. 

The Brothers and Sisters of IUEC Local 17 send their condolences to the family of Brother Josh Mitchell who passed away November 13.

As of this writing there are one mechanic and one apprentice on the bench.

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