The International Union of Elevator Constructors(IUEC) chartered Local 17 in Cleveland, Ohio on November 5, 1903 with the objectives to:

  • Encourage a higher standard of skill among its members
  • Cultivate a feeling of friendship among the craft
  • Obtain and maintain a fair standard of wages
  • Assist each other in securing employment
  • Protect the jurisdiction of the craft
  • Engage in cultural, civic, legislative, fraternal, educational, charitable, welfare, social and other activities which further the interests directly or indirectly of the organization and its membership
  • Use all legal and appropriate means for the accomplishment of the foregoing objects

Since then, Local 17 has grown from a small group of men dedicated to the protection and education of those working in the trade to a membership that is recognized around the country for the quality of their work, skill and the knowledge of their members.

IUEC Local 17 meets on the second Friday of every month, except August, at 6pm at the hall located at 3250 Euclid Avenue.  The Executive Board meets two weeks before the regular meeting and the Trustees meet the Wednesday before the regular monthly meeting.

IUEC Local 17 is affiliated with the North Shore Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) and the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council.

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