Election Night 2022

IUEC Local 17 Election night saw three races on the ballot. Sister Andrea Rodriguez campaigned for the positions of President and Delegate to the AFL-CIO which were held by Brother John Patton. There was also a race for Vice-President between current office holder Fran Adams and challenger Pat Kelly.

As the Hall filled up on Election Night 2022, officers setup and readied the ballot box.

All four candidates had the opportunity to speak to the body prior to the ballots being cast. Sister Andrea Rodriguez (right) spoke about her qualifications to be elected president of Local 17 followed by sitting President John Patton (left). Both Adams and Kelly declined.

Members line up to get their ballots and cast their vote.

Ballots are readied for counting by the talliers.

The final tallies had Patton retaining the President and Delegate offices and Kelly coming out ahead over Adams.

2022 IUEC Local 17 Retiree’s Dinner: Old Friends and New Faces Three Years in the Making

There are three phases to a career: listening to stories told about others, telling stories about others and having stories told about you. All of these were in full force as the retired and active members of IUEC Local 17 gathered at Harry’s Steak House in Independence for the first time in three years.

The following photos show a group of members, family by blood, marriage, and friendship laughing, talking, gathering and mourning those who we will see later, much later.


Two Years in the Making: IUEC Local 17 at the 2022 Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a tradition like no other. The only other day which holds so much meaning for the city is opening day of the baseball season. Since the baseball lockout has pushed opening day to April 15th for the newly minted Cleveland Guardians, the usual two weeks between events is now four and again, so much promise moving forward.

The images in the gallery below are only a small sliver of the joy March 17th brings every year. As you look through and see familiar faces and some new keep in mind that this is only a small representation of the family we know as IUEC Local 17.