December ’20 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

There’s a lot going on so let’s get to it…

For the first time since the announcement of the pandemic by the World Health Organization, Local 17 held a members meeting at the hall October 9.  Seating was spread out in accordance with CDC recommendations and face masks were mandatory.    This was also the first opportunity to swear in probationary apprentices and five new brothers took advantage of it.  Four of them had been previously sworn in at Executive Board meetings.

By the time the reaches your mailbox at the beginning of December the fall semester will be drawing to a close.  All apprentices should be working on the last few units of their modules and preparing for the final exams.  Do not fall behind on this work.  

Advancement in the trade depends on the timely completion of school work.  Given the special nature of the pandemic restrictions, this may be especially hard on those who learn best from in-person or hands-on instruction.  Keep working hard and ask questions of your mechanic and instructors.  There are many in the trade who are more than willing to share their knowledge.

If you are interested in taking a forklift class, NEIEP is willing to pay for online instruction since there are no plans for face-to-face instruction.  For information of how this works, contact Business Manager John Driscoll Jr. at or calling the hall at 216-431-8088.

For those taking callbacks at Thyssen, Local 17 has placed Bluestone Apartments, 25450 Euclid Ave on their list of two-man calls. 

The Trustees of the Elevator Constructors 401(k) and annuity plan have extended the COVID-19 distributions through December 15.

The December 13, 2020 and January 8, 2021 meetings are mandatory meetings for the election and installation of officers.  Fines will be levied for non-attendance.

The Children’s Christmas Party has been cancelled due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Where are they working?

Al Ward and Deven Shields doing a mod at the Federal Reserve for Otis,

Craig Nolty and Dan Koprowski at Astrup installing a four-stop for Otis,

John Logue and Pat Pollock at Fairview Village Apartments doing a mod for Otis,

Matt Pinchot and Andrea Rodriguez at the Federal Reserve doing a mod for Otis,

Bob Meyer, Dion Yatsko, Matt Ramser and three mechanics from Houston installing 14 cars at MetroGeneral Hospital for Schindler,

Shaun Yatsko and Chris Boggess at St. Clair Place doing a mod for Schindler,

Gary Thompson and Jason Mays at Penton Media finishing a 15-car mod for Schindler,

Pat McCann and Ric Supinski doing a door mod at UH Bishop for Schindler,

Ryan Todd And Brian Seither doing a four-car mod at Winton Place for Schindler,

Matt Weingart and Lucas Janke doing a mod at UH Bishop for Schindler,

Joe Simcic and Jay Schaffer at Great Lakes Cheese Shop in Hiram installing two two-stops for Schindler,

Tom Peska and Brian Seither installing one car at NASA for Schindler,

Brendan Hyland and Russell Barrows installing a five-stop at Grosvenor Place in Tremont for Kone,

Drew Williams and Jakob Mullett doing escalator clean downs at Browns Stadium for Kone,

Joe Gauker and James Hirz at the Quarter on Detroit installing two five-stop cars for Kone,

Kevin Thomas and Sebastian Ricco installing one car for Thyssen,

Jim Ehrbar and Wing Lui doing a mod at 5565 Erieview for Gable,

Brian Owens and Herb Fouts at 7007 Pleasant Valley Road installing a four-stop for Schindler.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the families of Brother Greg Seaman who lost his son Anthony and retired Brother John Lopiccolo, Sr. who passed away.

As of this writing there are two mechanics on the bench.

Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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