March ’20 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

As in years past, Local 17 will be participating in the Cleveland Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.  

In Ohio, this is also primary election day.  I not only encourage all members and their families to attend the parade but, remind you that the basis of our democracy is built on participation in the process of electing our representatives.  This requires a sound knowledge of issues and candidates at all levels of government, not just those on the national level.  

It may be popular to look to bombastic characters and believe that is leadership.  We make our money from those that support the issues we believe in:  prevailing wages, right to organize and a strong pension plan.   These form a core that gives organized labor the ability to expand and families the ability to actually thrive.  I also caution you to watch for wedge issues:  abortion, gun rights, national security, immigration, patriotism, etcetera.  These are used to confuse issues and provide cover for those whose motives are not in our best interest.

In short… vote smart.

Congratulations to Brothers Marc Carollo, Chris Cook, Jacob Mullet, Joel Reyes, Chris Sipos and Rob Zadravec for completing their NEIEP apprenticeship and being eligible for the Mechanics Exam.  Rick Meyers is willing to teach the six-week mechanics review course. Please take advantage of this important opportunity.

On January 29th, new Local 17 NEIEP Area Coordinator Wally Wuelling held an all apprentice meeting at the hall to give an overview of the coming school year.  Wuelling talked about the changes to the curriculum and what is currently going on with the apprenticeship program.

Where are they working?

DJ Spring, Deven Shields, Al Ward, Pat Kelly, Brandyn Alley and Joe Simcic installing three cars at the Lumen for Otis,

Craig Nolty and Dan Koprowski at Tremont Animal Clinic installing one car for Otis,

Jim Thompson and Matt Dinko at the Carlyle in Lakewood doing a mod for Otis,

John Logue and Pat Pollock at Lutheran Hospital doing a mod for Otis,

Matt Pinchot and Andrea Rodriguez at Landmark parking garage doing a two car mod for Otis,

Jerry Szmerekovsky, Jack Finucan, Ken Bowles and Shane Huff at Chestnut Lake Apartments doing a mod for Otis,

Dave Gnagy and Matt Carlton at Kingspath doing a two-car mod for Schindler,

Joe Sumph and Brian Owens doing a mod at Four Seasons in Beachwood for Schindler,

Felix DeJesus and Rob Timko doing a mod at Erieview for Schindler,

Shaun Yatsko and Dan Varga at the Rose Building doing a mod for Schindler,

Mark Byram, Ryan Todd, Andrew Johnson, Matt Weingart, Gary Thompson and Brandon Light at Penton Media doing a mod for Schindler,

Cris DeJesus, Lucas Jenke and a team from Texas doing escalator mods at Progressive Field for Schindler,

Brian Bond and Brian Siether doing a three-car mod at the Commodore for Schindler,

Tom Peska and Jay Schaffer finishing a mod at Medical Mutual in Brooklyn for Schindler,

Drew Williams, Joel Reyes, Brendan Hyland and Russell Barrows at May Company doing a mod for Kone,

Bob Myer and James Hirz cabling at Tower City for Kone,

Todd Ross and Morgan Armstrong doing a mod at the Bowery Building in Akron for Kone,

Bill Dudas and Tony Kuhn doing a two car mod at Parkside Towers for Thyssen,

Anthony Metcalf, Sean Canning, Tim Narowitz and Matt Harden doing a mod at Columbus Park Apartments for Thyssen,

Json Fredricks and Chris Sipos doing a mod at Victoria Plaza for Thyssen,

Chris Scholle and Mike Ross at Villa San Bernardo installing a car for Thyssen,

Scott Hicks and Tin Chaibai at the Brantley Building installing a seven-stop traction for Gable and,

Matt Hausler and Kyle Meyer doing a mod at Lakewood Center North for Gable.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the family of retired Brother Earl Moriarty who passed away December 23rd.

As of this writing there is one mechanic on the bench.

Until next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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