February ’20 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

On January 29th, NEIEP Area Coordinator Wally Wuelling did a short presentation to all of the apprentices on the changes for the upcoming semester.  NEIEP has gone to a fully online system of submitting on the job training hours.  As of the meeting there was a system issue with the submissions but, NEIEP IT is working on solving the issue.  Until then, all apprentices will need to submit paper tickets for their OJT time.

Brothers Lucas Jenke, Tim Narowitz and Jerry Reitz are teaching RC500, RC600, RC700 and RC800 for the spring semester.  We also had a 100 percent pass rate for the apprentices for the fall semester.

Congratulations to Brothers Marc Carollo, Chris Cook, Jacob Mullet, Joel Reyes, Chris Sipos and Rob Zadravec for completing their NEIEP Apprenticeship.  They are now eligible for the mechanics review course again being taught by Rick Meyers.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions of one of the best instructors in the trade.  Take full advantage of the opportunity.

Retired Brother John Taylor is willing to teach the AC Motor and Starter class.  This continuing education offering covers across the line, wye-delta and soft start applications.  It is a very important class for all who work in repair or maintenance and need to service these starting options.  If you are interested in this offering, contact Business Manager John Driscoll, Jr. at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org.

Recently there have been issues with zone pay and the call back lists.  With zone pay, there has been an expense agreement in force in Cleveland for 40 years.  While many field personnel may interpret it differently, if you turn in expenses you are entitled to, the company will pay it.  If you have any questions, call John at the hall.  On the issue of the callback list, companies have the right to put all employees in Contract Service as defined by the contract on the list.  This includes repair mechanics as well as the normal maintenance route personnel.  The key factor is that each company has to come up with a system that works for them and their customers.  While this may cause some issues, if you find yourself with an issue, talk to your superintendent and John to find a solution. 

IUEC Local 17 sends condolences to the family of retired Brother Earl Moriarty who passed away December 23rd.

As of this writing there is one mechanic on the bench.

Until next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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