March ’19 Constructor

Brothers and sisters:

Local 17 just completed its first round of Practical Exams with 20 apprentices demonstrating their piping and wiring skills from RC500.  Instructors Jerry Reitz and Tim Narowitz are preparing their classes for the next round of practical exams in RC700 and RC500 respectively.  These Exams will be administered later on this year as close to the labs they are based on as possible.

As of this writing the Model Elevator Bill, which would bring licensing to the State of Ohio, has stalled in the Ohio House.  The bill came out of committee in the previous session but must be taken up by the committee again in the new session.  The bill is a joint effort by the union and signatory companies to standardize the training requirements for those working on vertical transportation equipment.

Don’t forget that Local 17 will again be participating in the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The parade is family friendly and everyone is encouraged participate in this great annual event.  Gathering and setup for the parade is between East 18th and 24th along Superior Avenue and starts around 10 AM.  See you there!

Where are they working?

Al Ward and John Smith at Western Reserve doing a two-car mod for Otis,

Brendan Hyland and Russell Barrows at 2155 Stokes Boulevard CDC installing a three-stop and two-stop hydro for Kone,

Scott Villanueva and Bob Connelly at Fairview Parking Garage doing a mod for Otis,

Jeff Ward and Rob Zadravec at Columbus Park Apartments doing a jack for Thyssen,

Ryan Todd and Rob Timko at Medical Mutual doing a door mod for Schindler,

John Logue and Brandyn Alley at Lutheran Hospital doing a one-car mod for Otis,

Joe Sumph and Brian Bond doing a five-car mod at holiday Inn Independence for Schindler,

Drew Williams and Joel Reyes doing a three-car mod at Fenway Towers for Kone,

Tom Kelly and Cory Huhn replacing travel cords at AT&T for Otis,

Tony Karovich and Cory Ptak at Lakeview Towers in Ashtabula for Schindler,

Kevin Thomas at Notre Dame installing hydros for Thyssen,

Chris Wyant and Chris DeJesus installing three cars at Medical Mutual of Ohio,

Dave Francis and Andrew Daniels installing two cars at CDC for Kone,

Bob Meyer and James Hirz installing two eight-stop cars at Residence Inn at East 101 and Chester for Kone,

Jim Ehrbar and Marc Carollo at Days Inn in Elyria doing a two-car mod for Gable,

Jerry Szmerekovsky and Pat Kelly at Health Education Center finishing a 13 car install for Otis,

DJ Spring and Deven Shields at Case Dental School installing three cars for Otis,

Dave Gnagy and Matt Carlton at Promisory School doing a one-car mod for Schindler,

Jason Faber and Matt Harden at Case Jolly Scholar doing a one-car mod for Thyssen,

Jeff Ward and Rob Zadravec at Case doing a door mod for Thyssen,

Shawn Yatsko, Dan Varga, Mark Byram and Felix DeJesus at Moreland Courts finishing a mod for Schindler,

Darryl Scislo and Craig Haller doing escalator repairs at Tower City for Otis,

Brendan Hyland and Russell Barrows at the Beach Building installing three cars for Kone,

Ryan Todd and Rob Timko doing a two-car mod at Huntington Park Garage for Schindler,

Ken Bowles and Shane Huff at Cleveland Clinic P Building doing a four-car mod for Otis,

Tom Reitz slowing down for safety at the Leader Building for Schindler,

Matt Hausler Sean Canning at the Drake doing a jack for Thyssen and

Bill Sellers and Mike Hogan at the Lordstown GM Plant doing freight door repairs for Kone.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the family of retiree Charlie Skelnik who passed away December 20.

As of this writing the bench is clear.

Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.




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