February Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

Over the last week of January, IUEC Local 17 completed the first round of Practical Examinations of its apprentices.  The Practical covered basic skills of print reading, creating a pull sheet and wiring and piping hatch switches and a pendant station.  The Practical Examinations count toward the apprentice’s Mechanics Exam which they are eligible to take after successfully completing all eight semesters of the NEIEP program.  In the Spring there will be another round of RC500 exams as well as RC700, print reading and troubleshooting, for those students to demonstrate their skills.

Apprentices with questions about their semester exam scores should access their NEIEP dashboard.

John Taylor is teaching another motor alignment class with the option to teach more if there are enough members interested.  If you would like to add this valuable skill to your tool bag, contact Business Manager John Driscoll, Jr. at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org.

Don’t forget that Local 17 will again be participating in the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The parade is family friendly and everyone is encouraged participate in this great annual event.  Gathering and setup for the parade is between East 18th and 24th along Superior Avenue and starts around 10 AM.  See you there!

The Model Elevator Bill, which would bring licensing to constructors in the State of Ohio, is stalled after the Ohio House failed to pass the bill by the end of the last session.  Keep your eye on this space for more information as the bill moves back through committee and to the floor for a vote.

Former IUEC Local 17 Business Manager Tim Moennich and Mike Halpin, both of Elevator Industry Work Preservation, will be talking to the Executive Board on “Right to Work”, project labor agreements and organizing and how it affects the trade.  This presentation may be given at a later time to the general membership.  Keep your eye on this space for more information.

As of this writing the bench is clear and there is a lot of work in the Cleveland area.  It is only a matter of time before new apprentices start making an appearance in the field.  For all those who will be working with these fresh faces, remember that we all were in the same position at one point in our careers.  It is incumbent upon you to impress the importance of safety, craftsmanship, accuracy, pride and being a good union member.  The future of our trade depends on everyone doing their part.

The Brothers and Sisters of IUEC Local 17 send their condolences to the family of Charlie Skelnick who passed away December 20, 2018.

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