January ’23 Labor-Citizen

Photos from the 2022 IUEC Local 17 Children’s Christmas Party are available on the Local’s website, iueclocal17.org.  This was the first party since Covid and was enjoyed by all.

The first week of the spring semester is Monday, January 30th.  There will be a mandatory orientation meeting the week prior for all students, instructors and members of the JATC in attendance.  Jerry Reitz will be teaching RC300 on Monday and Tuesday, Tim Narowitz RC500 on Tuesday and Wednesday with Don Knapik teaching RC800 on Thursday.

NEIEP Area Coordinator Jordan Miller is trying to set up a welding class at Lincoln Electric one night per week class for eight weeks for participants to gain G3 and G4 certification.  Watch you email inbox for more information from Business Manager John Driscoll Jr.  If you have any questions, you can contact him at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org.

HB107, the state elevator licensing bill, was voted 8-0 out of committee and headed to the Senate floor.  The bill would require licensing of all elevator technicians in the state of Ohio and that everyone working on elevator and escalators be licensed to do so.  This is a similar requirement as other trades and professionals have to comply in order to work. 

The Local 17 Executive Board voted to renew the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy with American Income Life.  A letter will be sent out on Local 17 letterhead offering this to members of the Local.  This is a voluntary offering and no member is required to respond in order to be covered by the ADD policy.  Returning the enclosed card will result in a call made by a representative of AIL to offer additional insurance products.  

Work is slow right now with Otis and Schindler having material delivery problems.  TKElevator, Kone and 3Phase appear to be steady but not busy enough to pick up anyone.  Otis and 3Phase have Akron mechanics finishing jobs and will be asked to return to Local 45 after they are completed.

All 2022 vacation days must be reported to the Hall no later than January 31st.  Probationaries and all new members sworn in this year are exempt.

Congratulations to Brothers Dave Ford, Pat Kelly, Todd Kemp and Ernie Rodriguez who are taking over the Local offices of Conductor, Vice-President, Entertainment Chairman and Warden respectively.  They were sworn in at the January 13th mandatory meeting.

As of this writing there are three mechanics and one assistant mechanic on the bench.

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