December ’22 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

At the November meeting, Sister Andrea Rodriguez reported on her and her husband Ernesto’s attendance at the Tradeswomen Build Nations Conference held in Las Vegas October 28 through 30.  Sister Rodriguez talked about the common themes of union involvement, encouraging women to enter the trades and the challenges they face once there.  Speakers included North American Building Trade Unions President Sean McGarvey, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh and AFL-CIO President Liz Schuler, a former IBEW electrician.   

When IUEC Sisters in attendance started discussing forming a women’s group within the International, the IBEW’s Affinity Program, which offers a variety of services to all members not just women, became a better option.  “Learning about the IBEW’s success with such a group was enlightening and encouraging” said Rodriguez.  “Anything that helps the IUEC at any level makes it worth attending.”

IUEC Local 17 hosted the 2022 Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday, December 10 at 1 PM.  While members and their families brought baked goods, soft drinks and entertainment featuring a magician as well as a visit from everyones favorite elf were supplied by the Local.  This is the first party since the pandemic and, as always, will be a great time for parents and children.  Photos from the event are available on the Local’s website,

Local 17 has the largest apprentice class in years this spring with 40 students enrolled.   Jerry Reitz will be teaching RC300 on Monday and Tuesday, Tim Narowitz will teach RC500 on Tuesday and Wednesday and Don Knapik will teach RC800 on Thursday.  Classes are scheduled to begin the first week of February with an orientation class the last week of January.  

If you have any questions about your class assignment, day or if you are new to the program and have not received your laptop, contact Business Manager John Driscoll Jr at 216-431-8088 or email him at

Local 17 is planning a welding class between the fall and spring semesters at the world headquarters of Lincoln Electric in Euclid.  This is a two-week, 40 hour class which gives the participant the opportunity to earn a 3G or 4G welding certification.  If you are working construction or repair and do not have this certification, regardless of your mechanic or apprentice status, you are encouraged to take this class.

Any mechanic or apprentice interested must first complete an online prep course on the NEIEP website,, and select their size of welding gear.  If you have any questions, contact John at the hall.

The December 9, 2022 and January 13, 2023 meetings are mandatory meetings for the election and installation of officers.  Those without a valid reason for not attending will be fined.

As of this writing there are three mechanics and one assistant mechanic on the bench.

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