August ’22 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

The Cleveland Building Trades Softball Tournament will be held Labor Day weekend with the first games played Thursday, September 1 at James Day Field next to Tri-C West in Parma. Practice for those IUEC members, family or friends interested in playing will be held the last three Wednesday’s in August. For more information contact Business Manager John Driscoll Jr. at the hall at 216-431-8088 or email him at

The IUEC Local 17 Golf Outing will be held September 24th at Mallard Creek Golf Club, 34500 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station. The cost is $100 per person for the four-man scramble format. Fees must be paid to Entertainment Chairman Brian Chambers by September 1 to his PayPal account,

Congratulations to the twelve apprentices sworn in at the July meeting: Jarrett Adams, Mike Bowles, Jay Carlson, Tom Holian, Adam Klein, Simon Lieb, Mike Piela, Dan Quigley, Eric Schaffran, Luke Schnitler, Brendan Teets and Joe Walters.

There are 32 apprentices in the NEIEP program with 24 enrolled in classes as 8 in the New Hire courses. Two apprentices are test eligible. On August 11 there will be a mandatory orientation class for all apprentices at 5 pm at the school located at 5145 Engle Road. NEIEP Area Coordinator Jordan Miller will be in attendance to answer any questions about the program.

All members should have received an email from John about the practice of blocking open doors for other trades. Local 17 signatories have been informed that “…that under no circumstances will they (members) be… blocking hatch doors open/altering the locking device for hoistway access by other trades while (members) are off site.” If any members are approached to take this action, call John at the hall to report the circumstances.

Work is still strong in the area. Schindler is claiming supply chain issues on delivery of parts while Otis is starting several mod and construction jobs soon as well as having a three month backlog of service work. Kone currently has four mod jobs going and 3Phase is keeping four mod crews working while TKElevator has two mod crews working in Akron.

The portability agreement between Locals 17, 45 (Akron) and Gable/3Phase has lapsed with the current contract. The agreement allowed Gable to move workers as needed between the two locals during its duration. As a result, 3Phase has transferred Richard Burton and Jim Rohwer from Akron to Cleveland.

The IRS milage rate has been increased four cents to 62.5 cents per mile for use of personal vehicles during work hours. Milage is charged after your first stop of the day and for any driving done during the day.

As of this writing there are four mechanics on the bench.

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