February ’22 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

The Ohio Elevator Licensing Bill was scheduled for a mid-January hearing in front of the General Government Budget Committee.  The Bill, once passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, sets up licensing requirements for everyone working on elevators and escalators similar to existing requirements for other trades and professions regulated by the state.

This is the final year of the contract between the IUEC and NEBA signatory companies.  It is expected contract talks will begin in February on a new five-year deal.  Even though   

work in Cleveland has been exceptionally good with all companies sharing in the wealth, that does not mean that this is the same situation in all parts of the International.    

As with previous contracts, being prepared as an individual for any possibility enhances your chances of staying afloat in the event of a work stoppage.  Looking at where you spend your money (dining out, subscription services you no longer use, tool shopping, etc) can give you a better picture of your overall finances than most other indicators.  It’s a new year, evaluate wisely.

Schindler remains the company with the most work locally and has been awarded the Sherwin Williams corporate headquarters job to go up on Public Square.  Otis, Kone, and Gable/Three Phase have a lot of work scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.  TK Elevators is keeping several modernization teams working into the new year.

As this issue reaches your mailbox, the application process for the apprenticeship program will be closed out.  All applicants should receive a notice of dates and times for taking the written exam as well as their interview with the JATC. Tentative dates for the aptitude test are February 14-18 and the interviews March 21-25.  Good luck to all our future Brothers and Sisters.

All of the new apprentices (those who have entered the trade in the last year and have not been enrolled in a class) should have received a laptop from NEIEP for use during their classes.  All students can download the material from the NEIEP website onto a personal laptop to use as a backup.

John Taylor will be teaching the AC motors class and the motor and starter class.  If you are interested in this continuing education opportunity, contact Business Manager John Driscoll Jr at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org.

Covid-19 has kept it’s hold on the world into the new year with the Omicron variant appearing around Thanksgiving 2021.  This has been an almost two year long exhausting battle with a microscopic enemy that has caused division among communities, isolated billions and sowed confusion as different organizations gave conflicting information as to the best course of action.  At this point the only people alive who have not been exposed in some way to one of the variants are those situated in similar circumstance to the cast and crew of TV’s “Alone” or “Mountain Men.”

What happens in two years time when we are talking about the Omega variant?  What will be considered “fully vaccinated?”  How many boosters are enough or too many?  What about masking and distancing?  Are they to be considered the new normal?  The science around this has advanced as quick as the virus along with the paranoia of every person on the planet having to become a virologist.  

When facing the total destruction of England by the advancing Nazis during the Blitz, Sir Winston Churchill spoke regularly to the citizens of his battered island nation with many quotable moments.  One that resonates in this time is his assurance that the best the way for England, and the world, to survive is to “keep calm and carry on.”

As of this writing there is one mechanic on the bench.

Until next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.



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