November ’21 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

There is a lot to report…

Local 17 is fully moved into its new school building and waiting on white boards, projection screens and a new printer. At the orientation meeting, Matt Jaworski for the Cleveland Labor-Citizen, the oldest labor newspaper in the country, cover the event. Photos and the article are available in the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades blog at as well as a separate article on the Local 17 website

Congratulations to Brother Jason Tischler on passing the Mechanics Exam. Remember that this is the only unbiased evaluation of your knowledge as an elevator mechanic you will ever have in your career.

The November 12 and December 10, 2021 and January 14, 2022 are mandatory special called meetings for the nomination, election and installation of officers. Those not in attendance are subject to fines.

Where are they working?

DJ Spring and Deven Shields doing a mod at Carnegie Towers for Otis,

Craig Nolty and Brendan Teets at Lubrizol installing a car for Otis,

Jim Thompson and Matt Dinko at the Carlyle in Lakewood doing a mod for Otis,

John Logue and Pat Pollock at the Cleveland Clinic main campus doing a two-car mod for Otis,

Matt Pinchot working in Akron doing a mod for Otis,

Ken Bowles and Shane Huff at Mercy Hospital doing a two-car mod for Otis,

Jerry Szmerekovsky, Pat Kelly and two Akron apprentices at the Lordstown Battery plant installing a freight car for Otis,

Tom Peska, Ernie Rodriguez, Andie Rodriguez and Matt Ramser installing sis 11-stop 5500’s at Market Square for Schindler,

Bob Meyer, Chris Boggess and two Houston mechanics installing 14 cars at Metro General Hospital for Schindler,

Dion yatsko and John Smith running two cars at Metro for Berkshire Construction,

Gary Thompson and Jason Mays doing a mod at Erieview for Schindler,

Felix DeJesus and Lem Hurd doing a mod at Commodore Apartments for Schindler,

Matt Carlson and Rob Timko doing a traction mod at CSU for Schindler,

Pat McCann and Ric Supinski doing a door mod at Fenn Tower for Schindler,

Matt Weingart and Aaron Reed at Skylight Office Tower doing a mod for Schindler,

Joe Sumph, Dan Varga, Andy Mesko, Tom Holian, Jarret Adams and Tristan Coughlin doing a mod at Forest Hills for Schindler,

Ryan Todd and Brian Seither doing a four-car mod at Winton Place for Schindler,

Joe Simcic and Don Yoho at Bendix in Avon adjusting three cars for Schindler,

Lucas Janke and Mike Bowles doing a mod at UH for Schindler,

Brian Bond and Tito Mike doing a two-car mod at Euclid Hill Villa for Schindler,

Dave Gnagy and Jay Carlson st Bentley Park doing a two-car md for Schindler,

Bill Sellers and Joe Walter replacing hoist machines at Pine Ridge for Schindler,

Drew Williams and Russell Barrows at Rockside Park doing a mod for Kone,

Tim Narowitz and Dave Ford doing a one-car mod at Acacia for Thyssen,

Bill Dudas and Andrew Daniels doing a one-car mod at Slovene Home for Thyssen,

Anthony Metcalf and Brian Owens doing a mod at 75 Public Square for Thyssen,

Jason Fredrick and Chris Sipos doing a mod at Case 49 Building for Thyssen,

Chris Scholle and Jason Saunders installing one car at John Carroll for Thyssen,

Kevin Thomas and Sean Canning installing a freight car at 75 Public Square for Thyssen,

Scott Hicks and Tino Chabai at the Center for patrol Care installing one car for Gable,

Jim Ehrbar and Wing Lui doing a two-car mod at 11811 Shaker Blvd. for Gable.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the families of retired Brother John Sopochak who passed away in September and retired Brother Dave Zepeda whose wife passed away in July.

As of this writing there is one mechanic on the bench.

Until next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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