NEIEP Announces Return to In Classroom Training

With a good portion of the country moving to some form of normalcy, it is time to safely return to the NEIEP classroom. The increasing number of COVID vaccines in the country is making people feel safer, and the protocol that we have been living with for over a year now has proven to be effective. As a result, NEIEP will be returning students and instructors to in-person classes for the fall semester beginning the week of August 9, 2021.

Going back safely to the classroom is the responsibility of all of us. Just like working safely on the job, looking out for yourself and those around you, each of us has a role to play to keep us all healthy. We ask every one of our trainees to help with prevention efforts while at the classroom site. NEIEP instructors must always set a good example by following applicable safety protocols.

The CDC has recently lifted the mask mandate for people who are “fully vaccinated,” which means that two weeks have passed since they received either a single-shot vaccine or the second dose of a two-shot vaccine. As more people become vaccinated, we anticipate there will be additional adjustments to existing safety protocols. NEIEP will monitor and adhere to all CDC recommended safety measures for the protection of our students and staff. Updated safety protocols will be available on the NEIEP website prior to the start of the fall semester.

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