November ’20 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

As I write this, the Cleveland Fire Department is extinguishing the hot spots from the fire at the Samson Pavilion of the Heath Education Campus of Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic left by the conflagration between President Trump and former Vice President Biden.  

The only words I have for what took place on camera are ummm… Wow.  Really?  Wow.

The bright spots took place off stage and behind the scenes.  The protests were peaceful, with only four arrests for minor offenses noted.  The City of Cleveland took the occasion to show the rest of the country how a professional event of this importance is to be staged. From the venue to the support services and the highest level of security yet for an election event this cycle pulled off with pride and to perfection. 

Readers from other cities note that I can be a bit of a “homer” but, I am proud of my home town and the tremendous progress it has made over the years transforming itself from a heavy industrial city to one that boasts three of the best health care systems in the country within its borders:  The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and MetroHealth.  I have family and friends that work and have been cared for in all three systems and am extremely grateful for the professionalism and cutting edge treatments they offer Northeast Ohio and the rest of the world.

Cleveland has once again set the bar high giving other host cities a standard to attain.  Let’s hope the rest of America takes this cue and holds our leaders to the same standard of excellence.

The fall semester started August 31 and is again online due to the COVID-19 concerns.  NEIEP is offering two instructors locally to assist apprentices with the course work as well as other instructors from around the country available online.  All other standards for distance learning are in place.  The school work must be completed by December 11 to be eligible for the finals during the week of December 14.

Local 17 has eleven apprentices eligible for the mechanics exam but due to the lockdown NEIEP is not paying for in person instruction for the exam.  Rick Meyers is donating his time setting up online meetings to review the material he has put together through his career.

All apprentices should have received raises in the first check in September.  Check your paystub and if you have any questions about your rate contact Business Manager john Driscoll Jr. at 216-431-8088 or email him at

Congratulations to Brother Joel Reyes on passing the mechanics exam.

The November 13, 2020, December 11, 2020 and January 8, 2021 meetings are mandatory for the nomination, election and installation of officers.  Failure to attend will result in fines being levied by the Executive Board.

Remember to report to the hall when you are on a job that will last for more than two days.

If you or your family had a life event (birth, death, marriage, etc.), moved or changed your phone number or insurance beneficiary, take a few minutes and update your contact information with the hall.  You can call or email John at the numbers above.  

As of this writing there are two mechanics and one probationary apprentice on the bench.

Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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