June ’20 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

On April 28 the IUEC recognized a Safety Stand Down Day to emphasize the need for on the job safety for the members. There was a safety video and call-in for a safety message from the General Officers. Unfortunately, there was an on the job fatality in Oklahoma City the day before, April 27, which made the Safety Stand Down even more timely.

The Cleveland Building and Construction Trades offered masks to its member unions. Business Manager John Driscoll, Jr. passed out the masks IUEC Local 17 was given to various construction and modernization jobs around the Cleveland area. As a result of various CDC, government and customer requirements, masks are becoming a standard PPE item for many members to gain access to worksites. It is advised to use masks and social distancing, when required, to limit exposure to infection. If you have a question or concern about PPE or worksite requirements contact John at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org.

By the time you read this, the NEIEP spring semester will be in the books with all apprentices turning in their unit exams by May 29 to be eligible for their finals. All students must pass the unit exams with a seventy percent.

There are eleven apprentices that if they pass their unit finals, will be eligible to take the mechanics exam. This is the largest class of apprentices eligible for the exam in many years. Good luck to all those looking to raise themselves to journeyman status in the best trade in the trades.

Congratulations to Rob Zadravec on passing the Mechanics Exam. There are currently five more members waiting to take the exam.

The International has extended its Memorandum of Understanding with NEBA, the bargaining unit for the major elevator contractors. As of this writing the MOU terminates on June 30 with no changes in language. This gives the companies latitude in furloughs, layoffs and hours during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of local conditions.

Work conditions for Local 17 remain strong with companies keeping as many members working as possible. Kone and Thyssen have reduced hours for different disciplines and Otis has moved two maintenance men to a door modernization to keep them working. Schindler has not cut hours.

The Brothers and Sisters of IUEC Local 17 send their condolences to the families of retired Brothers Joe Chaykosky who passed away April 22 and honorary retiree Kenny Jung who passed away May 2. The Brothers and Sisters also send condolences to Brothers Rich and Todd Kemp whose mother Bonnie Sinclair passed away.

As of this writing there are three mechanics on voluntary furlough, two mechanics on layoff and one probationary apprentice on furlough.

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