April ’20 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

On January 29, new NEIEP area coordinator Wally Wuelling came to speak to the apprentices and instructors about the spring semester and the online OJT reporting. At that time, the reporting system used by the apprentices for recording their OJT hours was down. As a result of the down time, OJT hours were recorded on paper to be transferred to the system at a later date.

Retired Brother John Taylor will be teaching a motor starter and AC motor class. If you are interested in taking this continuing education offering contact Business manager John Driscoll, Jr. at the hall at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org. When enough members sign up a date will be arranged.

Mike Halpin from Work Preservation will be attending our September meeting to give a political presentation. This is timed to tie in with the November elections. The main thrust of the presentation will be about supporting labor friendly candidates at the ballot box. This is going to be one meeting you will want to attend.

The Local 17 VOC held a meeting to discuss Findlay-area non-signatory Davis-Newcomber and their receipt of a modernization at LMHA Lakeview. Several options for direct and indirect action were discussed as well as options for a coordinated action with Local 44 (Toledo) much the same as the successful organizing campaign undertook with Local 45 (Akron) in the Gable campaign.

Another issue for the VOC is Oracle Elevator and their acquisition of the Automatic Door Entrance Company of Florida which manufactures door systems used in hospitals, hotels and other public buildings and Maryland-based Landmark Elevator. Oracle plans on using their elevator personnel to install the entrances which could lead them to expanding to markets they currently do not have a presence.
Where are they working?
Craig Nolty and Dan Koprowski at Berea High School installing one traction and one hydraulic elevator for Otis,

Ken Bowles and Shane Huff at Chestnut Lake Apartments finishing a mod for Otis,

Jerry Szmerekovsky and Jack Finucan at Lubrizol doing a one-car mod for Otis,

Jim Archer, Mark Ondich, Tim Gibbons, Kevin Driscoll, Ryan Foley and Rockin’ Ron Rittwage working the west side of Cleveland for Schindler,

Mark Byram, Ryan Todd, Andrew Johnson, Matt Weingart, Gary Thompson and Brandon Light at Penton Media doing a 15 car mod for Schindler,

Cris DeJesus, Lucas Jenke, Matt Ramser and a team from Texas doing escalator mods at Progressive Field for Schindler,

Drew Williams, Joel Reyes, Todd Ross, Morgan Armstrong and a team from Pittsburgh doing a mod for Kone at May Company,

Brian Bond and Brian Siether doing a three-car mod at The Commodore for Schindler,

Tom Peska and Jay Schaffer installing four cars at 6050 Kruse Rd. in Solon for Schindler,

John Goggin and Mark Ondich doing full-loads at Macy’s for Schindler,

Brendan Hyland and Russell Barrows doing an escalator mod at Kohl’s for Kone,

Bob Meyer and James Hirz cabling at Tower City for Kone,

Todd Ross and Morgan Armstrong doing a mod at The Bowery Building on Akron for Kone,

Bill Dudas and Andrew Daniels at 6400 Rockside doing a mod for Thyssen,

Anthony Metcalf, Sean Canning, Tony Kuhn and Justin Swain doing a mod at Columbus Park for Thyssen,

Tom Reitz slowing down for safety at the City Club for Thyssen,

Tim Narowitz and Matt Harden adjusting at the Archer for Thyssen,

Jason Fredrick and Chris Sipos doing a mod at Victoria Plaza for Thyssen,

Chris Scholle and Mike Ross installing a car at CMSD for Thyssen and,

Matt Hausler and Kyle Meyer doing a mod at Lakewood Center North for Gable.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to Brothers Dan Varga and Tony Karovich who both lost their fathers this January.

As of this writing there is one mechanic on the bench.
Until next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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