IUEC, NEBA Agreement on Furloughs and Layoffs

To all,

There has been a Memorandum of Understanding between NEBA and the IUEC regarding Furloughs and Flexible Workweeks.

In short, the Company will be able to ask for volunteers to take a furlough and then follow article XXII par. 3 when mandating a furlough.  Also, the regular work day at straight time pay has been changed to 8 hours between 5am and Midnight. The company can also schedule you for less than 40 per week for fewer than 5 days as long as you get at least 80 hours month.

I know there will be a million questions on this but, be patient as the International is doing the best they can to stay on top of a difficult situation.



John Driscoll

Business Rep.

IUEC Local 17

Office 216-431-8088

Cell 216-513-1413


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