December ’19 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

I want to start off this article with a big thank you to the general officers of the International and Assistant General President Jim Bender in particular for dedicating the October issue of the Constructor to ending the stigma associated with mental health issues.  It is a tough and very personal subject to discuss but, starting the conversation is the hard part.  Now it is incumbent upon all of us to keep it going.  

The International website,, and Local 17 site,, have resources available for those in crisis or just looking for additional information.

The December and January meeting are mandatory for the election and installation of officers.  Fines will be levied for non-attendance.

Brothers Bill Lynsky, John Patton and Mike Moennich along with Business Manager John Driscoll, Jr. attended the International’s Member Memorial dedication ceremony at IUEC headquarters in Columbia, Maryland.  Local 17 has six members memorialized:  John Babuscak, Kenneth Beechuk, Joseph Bonacci, Dennis McGunagle, Jim Sinclair and Clarence Sweeney.  Additional photos can be seen at

The Local 17 Annual Children’s Christmas Party will be held Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 1 pm at the hall located at 3250 Euclid Ave.  Children up to and including 12 years old will receive gifts.  Beverages will be provided and members are asked to bring baked goods.  Please submit your form to the hall no later than December 1.

Where are they working?

John Goggin and Brian Chambers cabeling at UH for Schindler,

Brian Owens and Josh Mitchell at Spang Bakery installing two cars for Gable,

Jason Fredrick and Chris Sipos at Victoria Plaza in North Olmsted doing a mod for Thyssen,

Tim Narowitz and Matt Harden at Enterprise Place in Beachwood doing a mod for Thyssen,

Anthony Metcalf and Mike Ross at Euclid Bach Apartments doing a mod for Thyssen,

Todd Ross and Morgan Armstrong at the Bowery Building in Akron doing a mod for Kone,

Bob Meyer and Jon McCuan at Fenway Manor doing a mod for Kone,

Drew Williams, Joel Reyes, Brendan Hyland, Russell Barrows, Ric Supinski and James Hirz at the May Company Building doing a mod for Kone,

Dave Gnagy and Matt Carlton at 1240 Huron doing a mod for Schindler,

Tom Peska and Jay Schaffer at Progressive Field doing an escalator mod for Schindler,

Sean Yatsko and Dan Varga at the Rose Building doing a mod for Schindler,

Ryan Todd, Gary Thompson, Mark Byram, Andrew Johnson, Matt Weingart and Aaron Reed at Penton Media doing a mod for Schindler,

Cris DeJesus and Dave Ford at Vitalia in Akron installing two cars for Schindler,

DJ Spring, Al Ward, Pat Kelly, Joe Simcic, Brandyn Alley and Devon Shields at The Lumen installing three cars for Otis,

Matt Pinchot and Andrea Rodriguez at Landmark Office Tower doing a mod for Otis,

John Logue and Pat Pollock at Lutheran Hospital doing a mod for Otis,

Ken Bowles, Shane Huff, Dan Tinner, Jack Finucan, Jerry Szmerekovsky and John Smith at Chestnut Lake doing a mod for Otis,

Craig Nolty and Dan Koprowski at Parkview School installing a hydro for Otis and,

Jim Thompson and Matt Dinko at The Carlyle doing a mod for Otis.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the family of former Local 17 president and retiree Lenny Kessler who passed away October 9.

As of this writing there is one mechanic and one apprentice on the bench.

Until next moth…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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