September ’19 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

It is hard to believe that as I sit here writing these words at the end of July, you will be reading them at the beginning of September and school at all levels will be in full swing. If you are an apprentice in the program, no matter what level you are at, there is always more to learn about your subject. A good student never stop asking questions about the material (except when its 8:50 and the teacher is just as tired as the rest of the class) and seeking out answers and applying them to their job.

Study well and it will pay off in the end.

As you will see, work in Cleveland is great. This is the first time in over a decade there are temporary mechanics working in the field and help coming in from out of town to shore up short term jobs.

My advice to those working as a temp is to work hard, work safe and teach well. Many of you will have probationaries and you will be their introduction to the trade. Teach them how to get on and off a car top, in and out of a pit as well as proper safety practices for all aspects of the trade and you will set them up for success.
Where are they working?

DJ Spring, Al Ward, Andrea Rodriguez and Deven Shields at the Lumen installing three cars for Otis,

Ken Bowles, and Shane Huff finishing a mod at Cleveland Clinic P Building for Otis,

Ron Johnston and Carl Turner doing a two-car mod at 740 Euclid for Otis,

Jim Thompson and Mario Adornetto doing a mod at The Carlyle in Lakewood for Otis,

John Logue and Pat Pollock doing a one-car mod at Lutheran Hospital for Otis,

Matt Pinchot and Brandyn Alley at The Deville doing a two-car mod for Otis,

Matt Weingart and Aaron Reed at Presidential Apartments doing a two-car mod for Schindler,

Joe Sumph and Brian Bond doing a two-car mod at Castlewood Apartments for Schindler,

Gary Thompson and Brian Seither doing a two-car mod at Mercy Hospital for Schindler,

Shaun Yatsko and Dan Varga at Medical Mutual Rose Building doing a two-car mod for Schindler,

Mark Byram and Felix DeJesus doing the mod at Penton Media for Schindler,

Don Yoho and Jay Schaeffer unloading three cars at Rocket Mortgage Field House for Schindler,

Jason Barnett and Don Yoho installing a car at Eastlake High School for Schindler,

Drew Williams, Joel Reyes, Brendan Highland and Russell Barrows doing a five-car mod at May Company for Kone,

Dave Francis and Andrew Daniels installing two cars at Top Golf for Kone,

Bob Meyer and Jon McCuan doing a two car mod at Fenway Manor for Kone,

Ric Supinski and James Hirz installing one car at Akron Children’s Hospital for Kone,

Bill Dudas and Tony Kuhn doing a two-car mod at the Archer for Thyssen,

Tom Reitz slowing down for safety at Thyssen,

Todd Ross and Morgan Armstrong decommissioning a car at the Bowery Building in Akron for Kone,

Anthony Metcalf and Mike Ross doing a two car mod a t Euclid Beach Apartments for Thyssen,

Jason Fredrick and Chris Sipos doing a two car mod at the VA for Thyssen,

Tim Narowitz and Matt Harden doing a two car mod at Enterprise Place for Thyssen,

Pat McCann and Brian Owens installing two cars a the University of Akron for Thyssen,

Scott Hicks and Tino Chaibai installing a car at Arial on Broadway for Gable,

Jim Ehrbar and Marc Carollo doing a two-car mod at the Lincoln Building for Gable,

Allan Langsdorf and Tim Mullins working for United Drilling drilling a hole for Thyssen at Royalton Place,

Scott Lang, Shawn Winter and Tim and Tom Finocchi from Pittsburgh tearing out two cars at 3100 Euclid for Schindler,

Jeff Ward and Scott Delauter installing a car at Belmont School in Indiana for Thyssen.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the family of Schindler mechanic Gary Thompson whose father passed away.

Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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