August ’19 Labor Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

As you read this, apprentices will be returning to the classroom.  There will again be four classes taught Monday through Thursday with two make-up classes scheduled for Friday later in the semester.  

IUEC Local 17 has a unique situation occurring right now.  This is the first time in almost a decade that there are apprentices raised to temporary mechanics along with teams from out of town coming in to help out with the abundance of work we currently enjoy.  For example, the August issue of the Elevator Constructor,  the IUEC journal, will list 30 different teams or multiple team jobs either currently active or completed by the time of publication.  This does not include those jobs previously listed and currently running in the jurisdiction.  

There have been reports of supervisors asking teams to take time off between jobs.  Given our current work situation in Local 17, it seems illogical that companies would sit employees who could be helping with the backlog of repair work or testing.  If you find yourself in that situation, call Business Manager John Driscoll. Jr. at 216-431-8088 or email him at

Oracle Elevator, the Florida-based non-signatory, has expanded its footprint in that state with its eighth company purchase since 2017.  Oracle claims to be the largest non-signatory elevator company working in 14 states.  Oracle does have a presence in Columbus and is known to have done work at The Ohio State University.  If you see an Oracle truck or any non-signatory vehicle, call John at the hall at the number listed above.  As always, the signatories of IUEC Local 17 are listed below.

The Elevator Industry Health Benefits Plan offers the Member Assistance Program in cooperation with Beacon Health Options.  This program offers in person, online and over the phone help for those in need of counseling, legal and financial services.  This is a free program and all contact is kept strictly confidential.  For more information call 1-800-331-4824 or online at

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send condolences to Schindler mechanic Gary Thompson on the passing of his father.

As of this writing the bench is clear.

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