January ’19 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and Sisters:

IUEC Local 17 has been aiding the efforts of Work Preservation and signatory companies to pass the Model Elevator Bill (SB 308) which would bring licensing of Constructors to the state of Ohio.  Testifying on behalf of the bill were IUEC lobbyist Andrew Herf, Kevin Sullivan from Work Preservation, Schindler Elevator code consultant and former Chief Elevator Inspector Norm Martin and Local 11 Business Agent Jim Miller.  All spoke on the importance of being properly trained to work on elevators and the problems that can arise when untrained personnel put themselves and the public at risk.

Two weeks later the opponent testimony had one speaker, Mike Simko, the owner of Access Solutions in Akron.  Simko claimed that companies like his doing residential work should be exempt from the law because oversight by the AHJ is already in place.  Additionally he argued that the accessibility market is a “niche inside a niche” and likened the licensing of all those working in the trade to “requiring a lawn tractor mechanic having to obtain a diesel truck mechanic license in order to remain in (their) field.”  When visiting the company website, Access Solutions claims their products are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.  

In addition to  Access Solutions, Arrow Lift, a Minnesota-based non-signatory with an office in Beachwood, and two groups, Americans for Prosperity and the accessibility industry association AEMA sent letters of testimony in opposition claiming the bill as a legislative overreach.

On December 5 the bill passed out of committee and as of this writing is waiting on a vote in the Senate.

Currently, Gable Elevator is the only IUEC Local 17 signatory with trained Constructors for the home and accessibility market.  If you have a need for you or a loved one, please give them a call.

If you know of a non-signatory company working on a job site, please contact IUEC Local 17 Business Manager John Driscoll, Jr. at 216-431-8088 or email him at JEDriscoll@iueclocal17.org.  Any information you can offer is helpful in our continuing organizing efforts.  A list of Local 17 signatories is available at the end of this article.

On December 15 Local 17 held its annual Children’s Christmas Party.  For photos from the event go to the website iueclocal17.org and click on the Galleries tab.  A large thank you to outgoing Entertainment Chairman Mike Moennich for the fine job in planning and working the events for 2018.

John Taylor is preparing to teach a second motor alignment class.  If you are not on the list to attend and are interested in taking this important class, then contact John at the hall.

Apprentices enrolled in the NEIEP program will be starting the Spring semester the last week of January with an orientation class and then in earnest the first week of February.  If you have not received your class assignment contact John as soon as possible.

All apprentices are reminded to turn in their JATC forms as soon as possible.  It is your responsibility to keep them up to date.  If you fall behind it could result in a visit to the JAC during working hours.

This is also a good time to inform the hall of any address, contact or dependent information changes.  This keeps the Local records current and minimizes the possibility of not receiving important mailings and other information from the International.

As of this writing the bench is clear.

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