February ’18 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and sisters:


Anyone interested in becoming an apprentice to IUEC Local 17 will be able to apply though the National Elevator Industry Educational Program, NEIEP, website beginning July 16, 2018 at noon. The address is neiep.org, click on Careers and all the locals accepting applications will appear. You must follow the timeline and all instructions to be considered for a spot on the list. Good luck.

The IUEC has reassigned some national organizers. As a result Assistant Director of Organizing, Dan Baumann will now be serving Local 17. Dan is a member of Local 2 (Chicago). Jim Lowery will still be involved with ongoing efforts with several non-signatories.

While most of the building trades are having trouble with their pensions, the IUEC is proud to announce that current retirees will receive a one to two percent raise in their benefit depending on when they retired from the trade. The trustees also announced that current working members will also receive an increase in their yearly benefit. All credit-year hours worked prior to June 30, 2015 will increase from $103 per credit year to $106 per credit year. All credit-year hours worked from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018 will remain at $110 per credit year and all hours worked from July 1, 2018 onward will go to $115 per credit year.

At the Ohio State House, HB 236, the Model Elevator Law, is making its way through the legislature. The National Elevator Industry, Inc., the trade group representing the major elevator companies, former Chief Elevator Inspector Norm Martin and Fire Chiefs from around the state have all spoken on the benefits of licensing elevator constructors by the State of Ohio. NEIEP will be setting up a booth to show the type of education offered to apprentices through the program as well as the continuing education offered to mechanics. To date, one of the few groups to speak against the bill is a small group of home builders who felt that licensing was not necessary.

Ohio House Representative John Becker, a Cincinnati area Republican, is offering six amendments to the Ohio Constitution to make the state go Right-to-Work-For-Less. Please keep your eyes on these amendments and take the time to write your state representative to urge them to vote them down in the legislature.

The January 12th meeting marked the end of an era. Business Manager Tim Moennich stepped down from his position to go to work for the National Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund. His chief responsibilities will be to lobby on behalf of the International in particular and the trades in general on labor related issues.

In his parting words Moennich said “being on the Executive Board of the Cleveland Building Trades, the Ohio State Building Trades, ACT Ohio and as a trustee for NEIEP, I always let people know how Local 17 felt about the issues and the dedication it takes to be an elevator constructor.”

“I have been fortunate not to have seen a work stoppage in my 40 years in the trade but, that does not mean it will always be that way. What I do know is that if we all stick together in union solidarity, this trade, with the leadership we have in place, will continue to be strong and our members will benefit from it.”

“Thank you. It has been an honor and a privilege.”

Not to be outdone, his brother Mike took the podium and made an emotional speech reflecting on Tim’s life and career. How Tim saw the Local through tough times when the bench was almost 25 members deep. Making hard decisions during the financial down turn. Taking on the Entertainment Committee and making the Children’s Christmas Party and Retiree’s Dinner something the Local looked forward to every year. And how their father was so proud of him and all he was able to accomplish.

On behalf of all past and present members, I can say without reservation that Tim Moennich left IUEC Local 17 better than he found it and made a truly positive impact on the Local, the International and the trade union movement in general. For that, he will always have a place of honor at the table.

The Brothers and Sisters of IUEC Local 17 send their condolences to the family of retired Brother Joe Tako, who passed away December 30th, Brothers Ray and Ken Bowles whose mother passed away December 28th and Brother Dan Tinner whose father also passed away.

As of this writing there are one mechanic and four apprentices on the bench.Februa

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