The International Union of Elevator Constructors is proud to announce it has signed an agreement with Gable Elevator, Inc. of Twinsburg, Ohio to become a signatory to its contract. Gable has 21 field employees which will become members of IUEC Local 45 (Akron).

“The organizing campaign has taken a long time and was very complex” commented IUEC International Organizer Jim Lowery. “In the end the 21 new members of the IUEC and Local 45 will be able to take advantage of the best wages, benefits and retirement package of the building trades.” He continued “this gives them a significantly better future, for themselves and their families.”

In a Facebook post dated January 25th, Local 45 Business Agent Dave Morrow Jr. made the announcement saying “I look forward to working with the new members and owners Rick Gable and Phil Isaac.” He punctuated the message with “Welcome to the IUEC Brothers! Local 45 and Local 17 joint effort!”

Based in Columbia, Maryland, the IUEC represents 23,000 unionized elevator constructors in the United States and Canada. It also has an affiliation with the Gladiadores de Elevadores of Puerto Rico and continuing partnerships with unions in Europe.

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