January ’17 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:

I received this email from Brother Terry Horner and thought I would share it with our readers:


It is with bitter sweet emotions that I sent a letter to Tim Moennich today taking my withdrawal card as of 12/31/2016.

This being said I would like to thank the Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 for the best twenty-one year career, in the greatest trade in the world.

To the young guns, listen to that gruff old codger mechanic of yours. For he has the keys to your knowledge and safety. To the guy in the middle, good luck, work hard and prosper. For you are truly the back bone of our industry and hold our future in your capable hands. To the old guard (and you know who you are) be teachers and mentors to these young apprentices and mechanics for you’re the keepers of the knowledge and disciplines that separate us from the fray.

Also, work safely. Everyone should get to enjoy the retirement that you have worked so hard to accumulate.

In closing, I would like to hope it has been as big a pleasure working with me, my brother and sisters, as it has been for me to work with you.

Remember as one our voice is small, as a fraternity our voice rings out above the din.

Fraternally yours,

And as always SAFETY FIRST!!!

Terrence Lee Horner

The January meeting will be a Special Called Meeting to vote on raising the dues to cover the increased per capita to the International for the purpose of organizing non-signatory companies and individuals as well as a Mandatory Meeting for the installation of officers. There is a $20 fine for not calling the hall to report your absence prior to the meeting. The dues increase, if passed, would take effect the second quarter of 2017.
Where are they working?

Drew Williams and Mark Carollo at Indian Hills doing a two car mod for Thyssen,

Mike Miller and Lucas Jenke rebelting at the Cleveland Clinic for Otis,

Dave Gnagy and Brian Seither installing three cars at North Ridgeville Middle School for Schindler,

Tim Moore and Matt Carlton working on two cars at Cedar Extension for Schindler,

Ken Bowles and Shane Huff doing a mod at the Radisson for Otis,

John Brunner and Jason Tischler installing an elevator at Heritage Place for Schindler,

Steve Kemp and Erie Rodriguez doing a jack at Bloom of Lakewood for Schindler,

Bill Yuhas and Robert Connelly doing a mod at Bohn Tower for Thyssen,

John Goggin and Brian Chambers doing motor work at AT&T Lakewood for Schindler,

Gary Thompson and Robert Timko doing a mod at Erieview Tower for Schindler,

Joe Sumph and Dion Yatsko doing a mod at the Wyndham Hotel for Schindler and,

John Logue and Al Ward doing a mod at Chestnut Apartments for Otis.
The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the families of Brother Joel Reyes who lost his 10 year-old daughter and Brother Ken Eaton whose father passed away.
As of this writing there are three mechanics and three apprentices on the bench.

Until next moth,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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