June ’16 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:
There is a lot going on so here we go…

On March 24th the application process for Local 17’s apprenticeship list closed with 253 people requesting applications. By the time this sees print, the interview and testing process should be complete and all those looking to become part of the best trade in the trades waiting for their slotting letter.

NEIEP is getting set to release a virtual hydraulic controller lab similar to the first person games available on gaming consoles. The purpose is to immerse the student in as close to an actual troubleshooting experience as possible. Students will be greeted by a virtual character that will explain the problem and leave it up to the students to troubleshoot the problem. The student will be able to move freely through the environment, use a meter and remove wires just as they would in a real life experience.

This virtual lab will be introduced in three phases. First as a classroom version that instructors can use as part of their classroom experience. The second will be a stand alone course that students can take at home and finally a version will be used as part of the practical assessment toward qualifying for the mechanics exam.

Please take a minute on your next work day to check that all the components of your personal fall arrest system are compatible and rated for the proper capacity. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor to obtain the proper equipment. It might just save your life.

With the 31st General Convention coming up in July and the current contract a little over a year away from negotiations, the International would like to remind everyone to start to save your money in the event there is a job action. You can never be too prepared.
Where are they working?

Drew Williams and Mark Carollo doing a two-car mod at Abbot Manor for Thyssen,

Mark Byram and Bill Sellers doing a three-car mod at Westbury Apartments for Schindler,

Jason Faber and Nick Meyer doing a door mod at Pleasant Lake Apartments for Thyssen,

Tom Kelly and Dave Adrian doing a jack at North Church Towers for Otis,

Jeff Ward and Brian Owens recabling at One Independence Place for Thyssen,

Don Knapik and Eric Crossgrove doing a door mod at National Terminal Warehouse for Schindler,

Pat McCann and Chris Scholle doing a six-car mod at Bishop Park Apartments for Thyssen,

Kevin Thomas and Ed Gimmel installing a car at Halle’s Warehouse for Thyssen,

Dave Lehotan and Ernesto Rodriguez doing a five-car mod at the Towers at Falling Waters for Schindler,

Joe Broz Jr. and Robert Connelly doing a mod at the Halle’s Parking Garage for Thyssen,

Matt Weingart and Jason Tischler working on escalators at the Hilton Hotel for Schindler,

Chris Wyatt and Robert Timko doing a two-car mod at Hill Rock Apartments for Schindler,

John Logue and Shane Huff doing a four-car mod at Metro General Hospital for Otis,

Darrell Scislo and Bob Brady doing cab work at the Drury Hotel for Otis,

Anthony Metcalf and Brandyn Alley doing a two-car mod at Lake West for Thyssen,

Gerard Szmerkovsky and Brian Horner installing an elevator at the Cleveland Clinic Avon for Otis,

Greg Seaman and John Smith doing repair work at the airport for Schindler,

John Patton and Tom Gombar dong repairs at Progressive Field for Kone,

Joe Sumph and Ryan Harger doing a two-car mod at Westerly Apartments for Schindler and,

Shawn Yatsko and Felix DeJesus working on a mod at Sherry Apartments for Schindler.
The Brothers and sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to the family of retired Brother Larry Jarrett, Sr. who passed away March 10.

As of this writing the local is at full employment.

Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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