July ’16 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:

Over the last couple of years, the members of Local 17 have stepped up to the challenges involved in the safety programs initialed by the signatories and emphasized by the International. These programs have emphasized the use of proper PPE and prework planning to minimize the opportunity for accidents to occur.

Processes borrowed from the nuclear industry like STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review) are embodied in the Job Hazard Analysis, Job Safety Analysis, Pre-Hoisting and Rigging Plan and Roping Absolutes that must be completed prior to starting a task. These processes require all those on the job to be on the same page during all phases of the job and spell out the dangers as well as the controls to eliminate or minimize those dangers.

This is the culture of safety that every member must adhere too.

Over the past month Local 17 had three accidents that put members in the hospital. One fell eight feet into a pit when a ladder broke at a weld, another lost part of a finger when a load shifted and the third only hurt his ankle when rigging failed during a rope shortening. From some reports the last incident could have been far, far worse.

I am not here to lecture anyone about safety. We all know what we have to do.

I am also not here to write obituaries for active members of Local 17. This is why I sign off every article with “work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.”

Local 17 recently opened up the apprenticeship list for the first time in almost two years and 253 people requested applications. After the aptitude test and no shows the Joint Apprenticeship Committee did over 130 interviews. By the time this sees print, all the applicants who completed the process should know their slot on the list. Good luck to all those looking to get into the best trade in the trades.

Rick Myers will again be teaching the First Aid and CPR class offered through NEIEP and Local 17. This is a valuable class that can give you the confidence to react appropriately in an emergency situation.

NEIEP is also offering a new Certified Signal Person and Rigger Level 1 and 2 course online at neiep.org. Anyone interested in this ANSI certified class can contact Business Manager Tim Moennich at TMoennich@iueclocal17.org or go to the NEIEP student gateway on their website.

Local 17 is also looking for anyone interested in becoming a NEIEP instructor. For more information contact Tim.

It is time again for the IUEC Local 17 Annual Golf Outing. The event will be held at Emerald Woods Golf Course,12501 North Boone Road, Columbia Station on August 20th. Cost and tee times have not been announced. Watch this space and the local website, iueclocal17.org for more information.

Where are they working?

John Patton and Tom Gombar doing escalator work at the IX Center for Kone,

Shawn Yatsko and Bill Sellers doing a mod at Hillroc Condos for Schindler,

Ken Bowles and Steve Keating installing new cabs at the Ritz Carlton for Otis,

Dave Lehotan and John Smith doing a mod at Falling Waters Apartments in Strongsville for Schindler,

Dave Francis and Matt Carlton installing cars at Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center for Schindler,

Jeff Lindell and Chris Sipos doing escalator work at Tower City for Kone,

Mike Miller and Patrick Kelly installing elevators at American Greetings at Crocker Park for Otis,

Jim Ehrbar and Rob Zadravec doing a mod at 645 Prospect Parking Garage for Thyssen,

Mark Byram and Felix DeJesus doing a mod at Westbury Apartments for Schindler,

DJ Spring and Devin Shields installing four elevators at East 105th Parking for Otis,

Al Ward and Andrea Rodriquez working at the Avon CVS for Otis,

Jim rogers and Zach Lanham working at University Hospitals for Schindler.
The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 extend their condolences to the families of retired Brothers Bernie Pfriem and Ed Ference who passed away.

As of this writing the bench is clear.

Until next month…

Remember to always work smart, work safe and please slow down for safety.

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