December Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:
Everyone thinks about the less fortunate in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas but, those in need are in need all year, not just in these six weeks. We in the elevator trade are insanely blessed with a wage and benefit package that is the envy of the trades and the gold standard to which all packages are measured. I encourage all of us to take a few minutes and think about which charities resonate within our hearts and support these groups all year.

You may or may not see the immediate benefit of your donation of time, treasure or talent but those on the receiving end will thank you. We have no idea when the charities we support will become our lifelines when we are in trouble.

Think about it.

IUEC General President Frank Christensen will be the honored guest at the December 11 mandatory meeting for the election of officers. The December meeting will also feature the nomination of delegates to the 31st General Convention in Chicago, Illinois starting July 11, 2016. Election of delegates will be at the January 8, 2016 mandatory meeting. The January meeting will also feature a special meeting for the discussion of a dues increase.

The annual Local 17 Children’s Christmas Party will be held December 12 at 1 pm at the hall located at 3250 Euclid Avenue. There will be gifts for children up to 12 years old and will be attended by Santa and Mrs. Claus. This is always a well attended event and a special time for all family members. Please make it a point to attend.

The Local 17 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee notified NEIEP that it will opening up its recruitment list as soon as possible. Currently Local 17 has 15 probationaries working in the local. The largest class in years. We are also up to number 35 on the recruitment list. Watch this space and the local’s website,, for updates.

Brother John Taylor will be teaching a class in microprocessor-based control followed by a solid state motor control class. The microprocessor control class will be six nights and the motor control class will be five nights. You can take one or both classes. For more information contact Business Manager Tim Moennich at 216-431-8088 or through email at

Watch your mailbox for the latest update of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefits Plan summary. This publication is the simplest explanation of the benefits we have available through the plan and features bullet point examples of our coverage. If you have any questions about a specific part of the plan, this is your first stop for answers.

Where are they working?

Jeff Lindell and Chris Sipos doing an escalator mod at the Terminal Tower for Kone,

Bill Yuhas and Ken Eaton doing a mod at Shaker Condos for Thyssen,

Tom Gombar and John Patton doing a jack at the Atrium Apartments for Kone,

Dave Francis and Matt Carlton installing a hydro at Painesville Historical Society for Schindler,

Scott Hicks and Mack Carollo installing two three-stop elevators at Oberlin Inn for Schindler,

Don Knapik and Don Kaiser replacing the car opening panel on the service car at One Cleveland Center for Schindler,

John Brunner and Jim Rogers installing an elevator at Croker Park for Schindler,

Gary Thompson, Joe Sumph, Ryan Todd and Robin Eaton doing a mod at Erieview Tower for Schindler,

Matt Pinchot ad Al Ward doing a mod at Fairview Village Apartments for Otis,

Shawn Yatsko and Felix DeJesus doing a mod a t Sherry Park Apartments for Shielder,

Craig Nolty and Dave Adrian installing a hydro at the Dury Building for Otis,

Greg Seaman and Tim Gibbons back a the airport for the escalator mod for Schindler.
The Brothers of Local 17 send their condolences to Brother Clint Williams who lost his mother September 16th.
As of this writing there is one mechanic on the bench.

Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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