August 2015 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:
This has been another busy spring in the continuing eduction front. Rick Myers had 15 Brothers pass the scaffolding class and John Taylor completed an OSHA 30 class in late May. If you have not been to the NEIEP website recently, please take a minute and check out the some of the new offerings in the continuing education front.

One of the new offerings is called Financial Tools for the Trades and covers such topics as budgeting, savings, long term financial planning and understanding credit reports. This is another great tool to have in your bag to manage the uncertainties of the life in general.

Ron Larsen from the Cleveland Clinic spoke to the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades about a new class all tradesmen and their supervisors will have to take on infection control risk assessment. The class covers infection prevention, recognizing risks and preparing for safe entry and exit from potentially hazardous areas. According to Larsen, 1.7 million people every year come down with infections while hospitalized and 99,000 will die as a consequence. The training requirement begins May 1, 2016.

For those apprentices in the NEIEP program, raises will be effective September 1st for those who have earned another year of credit.

Brother Tom Goggin will replace his father, Jim, on the Local 17 Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

The International has advised all members to not sign toolbox talks or safety meeting attendance forms.

Where are they working?

John Patton and Tom Gombar installing a Life Jacket at Knickerbocker Apartments for Kone,

Bill Yuhas and Bill Dudas installing a hydro at Cleveland Heights High School for Thyssen,

DJ Spring and Joe Simcic installing a Gen 2 at Case Western Reserve University for Otis,

Dave Francis, John Brunner, Matt Weingart, Taurus Ogletree and Jim Rogers installing escalators at the Hilton Hotel for Schindler,

Scott Hicks and Tom Peska installing two cars at the Scofield Building for Schindler,

Mike Miller and Matt Page installing two cars at Hyatt Place for Otis,

Gerard Szmerekovsky and Craig Nolty installing a hydro at Best Western for Otis,

Joe Broz, Jr. and Dave Adrian doing a mod at Pine Ridge for Thyssen,

Anthony Young and Keith Poskocil doing a two car mod at the Cleveland Administration Building for Kone,

The Brothers and sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to retired Brother Mel Chaps whose wife passed away May 28 and Brother Ken Chung whose mother, Bonita, passed away.

As of this writing there are seven mechanics out of work.
Until next month,

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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