July 2015 Labor Citizen

The members of IUEC Local 17 hope that everyone reading this had a happy and safe Independence Day.

There is a lot going on so let’s get right to it.

The National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) is offering a new online course called Financial Tools for the Trades. The course is geared to the younger members of the trade and covers a variety of topics important to those starting their careers. This is another benefit brought to you by NEIEP and paid for though the hourly contribution of the employers.

At the June union meeting, Business Manager Tim Moennich reported that Ron Larsen from the Cleveland Clinic talked to the recent meeting of the Cleveland Building Trades about an upcoming class that all construction workers and supervisors working on Clinic projects must take. The eight hour class covers infection control risk and assessment.

According to Larsen, nationally 1.7 million patients become infected while in the hospital and 99,000 will die from that infection. The training starting May 1, 2016 will teach tradesmen to recognize potential hazards and entry and exit procedures for contained areas.

Moennich also reported that in Local 34 (Indianapolis) Otis had supervisors riding elevators checking operation and making it appear they were doing a maintenance inspection. In Akron (Local 45) had a state elevator inspector change a fuse on a job in Medina and when Local 10 (Washington DC) Schindler field employees received their new phones they were not working properly. The management had them clock in at 5:00 am and clock out at 1:30 pm.

Work in the area has been picking up. Akron has three mechanics off, and Toledo has two while Cleveland’s number has shrunk to seven. Local 37 (Columbus) and Local 11 (Cincinnati) report full employment with Local 11 adding 23 probationaries to their rolls.

The International has advised all members to not sign toolbox talks or safety meeting attendance forms.

There was a changing of the guard on the Local 17 school board as long-time member Jim Goggin stepped down and was replaced by his son Tom. The school board administers the NEIEP program in the local.

The annual IUEC Local 17 Golf Outing will be held on August 1st at Emerald Woods Golf Course, 12501 North Boone Road, Columbia Station. Tee times start at 9 am and the cost is $100 for a full day of golf, lunch, dinner, refreshments and prizes. To secure your reservation, mail your check to Entertainment Chairman Mike Hogan, 26962 Southworth Drive, Olmsted Township, Ohio 44138 no later than July 10th.

The Brothers and Sisters of Local 17 send their condolences to retired member Mel Chaps whose wife passed away May 28th and Brother Ken Jung whose mother, Bonita, passed away in June.

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