June 2015 Elevator Constructor

International organizer Jim Lowery was in town the last week of April for a scheduled meeting with non-signatory Gable Elevator. At the last minute Gable declined to meet saying that they would pass on signing with the IUEC at this time.

While disappointing, it was not entirely unexpected. Being a big fish in a small pond is easy but, there comes a time in every businesses existence where the owner has to decide whether he has what it takes to play with the big boys.

Gable Elevator has a history of paying substandard wages and minimal, if any, benefits. Everything I heard about the company says they consider themselves a family. As the head of the family, it’s sad the owners decided to not give the other members the best possible wages, benefits and education for the very difficult and dangerous work they do. I know I want the best for my family and sacrifice everything I can to make it happen.

That is what being part of a real family, like the IUEC, is all about.

Did you know that your NEIEP apprenticeship graduation can help you get an associates or bachelors degree? It can. If you go to neiep.org, click on About and cursor down to College Options for NEIEP Graduates you can read about the over 100 colleges that will accept your NEIEP credentials for up to 38 credits. It’s a great opportunity for every constructor to advance their career by taking their education to the next level.

Local 17’s area coordinator Jeff Burns was in town to attend a job fair at the Polaris Career Center sponsored by the Cuyahoga Country Department of Job and Family Services. According to Burns the event was well attended and he had the opportunity to talk to people of all ages about joining the best trade in the trades.
Where are they working?

Bill Sellers and Eric Crossgrove doing a door mod at Kirby Manor for Schindler,

Shawn Yatsko and Fran Adams unloading a truck at Cherry Park for Schindler,

Neil Beechuck and Kevin Driscoll installing a three-stop holeless at John Marshall for Thyssen,

Jeff Ward and Dave Adrian doing repair work at Hanna Annex for Thyssen,

Jim Rogers running a car at CSU for Schindler,

Don Knapik and Lloyd Parks doing water damage repair at Willard Park Garage for Schindler,

John Logue, Ken Bowles, Jim Thompson, Matt Pinchot, Al Ward, Jason Saunders, John Larsen and Steve Keating doing a mod at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for Otis,

Jim Archer and Joe Sumph installing an elevator at Westlake Condos for Schindler,

Jeff Lindell and Todd Ross opening up escalators at Progressive Field for Kone,

Scott Hicks and Tom Peska installing an elevator at Kemplin Bradley for Schindler,

Gerard Szmerekovsky and Craig Nolty doing a hydro retrofit at RTA for Otis,

Brendan Hyland, Tim Moore and Chris Wyant at the Hilton Hotel job for Kone,

Bob Myers and Matt Hardin doing a mod at Westerly for Kone,

Kevin Thomas and Ed Gimmel installing two hydros at Beachwood Commons for Thyssen,

Tom Gombar and Jean Lafontaine doing a jack at NASA for Kone and,

Joe Broz, Jr. and Nick Meyer doing a valve and jack at Columbus Park Apartments for Thyssen.
As of this writing there are eleven mechanics on the bench.

Till next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.

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