December ’14 Labor Citizen

Brothers and sisters:

IUEC Local 17 will be holding a welding class at the world headquarters of Lincoln Electric in Euclid the weeks of January 12th and 19th. There is a $500 deposit that is refundable at completion of the course. The 40 hour course is designed to prepare the student for 3G and 4G certification. If you have any questions or would like to reserve a slot, contact Business Manager Tim Moennich at 216-431-8088 or email him at

John Taylor will be teaching the hydraulic controller theory and troubleshooting class. This class covers the basic controller, pump and door operator functions and well as problems that that can occur. It is a valuable class for any new or experienced mechanic looking to sharpen their trouble shooting skills. If you are interested in attending, contact Tim at the Hall.

There is also a sign-up sheet for a scaffolding class. If you took the class three years ago, your certification has lapsed and you will need to take this class to requalify your card. This is also another great skill to have in your bag for repair, mod or construction work. Again, if you are interested, call Tim at the Hall.

There will be a make-up class for apprentices on December 11th for those who have missed at least one class.

On November 19th, Brothers Jimmy Dimmel and Joe Rapine from Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund were in Cleveland to do their Training Education Activist Membership (TEAM) class. The class covered the history of the labor movement and the place of the IUEC in that history.

It was like trying to take a drink of water out of a fire hose.

Personally, it was a powerful four hours listening about the men, women and children that lost their lives during on the job accidents, lockouts and strikes. Seeing the pictures of immigrant striking workers holding American flags standing toe-to-toe with hired guns with bayonets fixed and lowered seared in my head that great men of principle united for a cause are not worried about this life, but the legacy they leave for the next generation. The men and women of Ludlow, Haymarket Square and Triangle are the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

Never, ever, ever forget that their blood, wall to wall and curb to curb, is their legacy and the life force of a movement that stands against the tyranny of those that seek to separate us.

Schindler is going to work four 10 hour days on all construction jobs. This means that any one working on a construction site for Schindler on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be doing so at double time. Schindler has supplied a list of all construction jobs to the local.

Local 17 scored $3000 for its coffers courtesy of Otis because they hired a non-signatory company to do cab work on one of their jobs. If you know of any non-signatories or another trade doing work we claim, call the hall immediately.

As of this writing there is no news on the status of the dollar amount on the earned credit for the pension. The amount will not be announced until after the December Pension Trustees meeting but it is expected to increase. The current amount is $98 per credit year. One credit year is 1700 hours worked. This would be the first increase in a number of years but, retirees have received raises 12 times. The minimum amount received by a retiree is $53 a year and our oldest retiree is a centenarian.

The December 12th and January 9th general meetings are mandatory meetings for the election and installation of officers. You must call the hall prior to the meeting to be excused. If not, then a fine will be imposed.

As of this writing there are 15 mechanics and two apprentices on the bench.

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