September ’14 Labor Citizen

Brothers and sisters,

On August 25th the Volunteer Organizing Committee hand billed the new Cleveland Institute of Art dormitories in the Uptown development on Euclid between Mayfield and East 117th Street with our message of elevator safety. This is the sixth location the VOC has hand billed since its initial drop at East Fourth Street. The property was developed by MRN and constructed largely with unorganized labor.

The VOC and Local 17 continues to extend its gratitude to everyone who has called the hall about unorganized elevator companies working on their job. If you have or suspect you have a non-signatory elevator company working on your job you can contact Business Manager Tim Moennich at 216-431-8088. The signatory contractors to Local 17 are Kone, Maximum, Otis, Schindler, Thyssen and Ross.

Please keep in mind that the November 14, December 12 and January 9 meetings for the nomination, election and installation of officers are mandatory required meetings for all members of IUEC Local 17. If you cannot attended or have an accepted reason for not attending you must give notice to the hall prior to the meeting. All meetings start at 6 pm at 3250 Euclid Avenue.

Apprentices must have their JATC forms up to date or risk being called in front of the board to explain why. If you are in need of additional forms, contact Business Manager Tim Moennich.

Everyone is reminded that when they are on a new construction, modernization or service job that lasts more than two days, they are required to call the hall to report their location.

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