August ’14 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:

There’s a lot going on right now so let’s get too it…

The Volunteer Organizing Committee has been actively attending school board meetings of systems that use non-signatory contractors for their vertical transportation needs. To date we have attended meetings in Solon, Amherst, Maple Heights and Beachwood. The board members and superintendents have been very receptive to our message stressing the safety of students, staff and visitors to their buildings and the union’s emphasis on apprentice and continuing education. We have received positive feedback from all the systems and will continue to attend the meetings as the contracts are rebid to remind the systems of our commitment to safety.

The VOC has also been actively hand billing the East Fourth Street entertainment district. The pamphlets being passed emphasize elevator safety and education and how members of the IUEC stand head and shoulders above our competition. The buildings on East Fourth are owned and developed by Rick Maron and, with one exception, are being serviced by non-signatory Gable Elevator.
At the June meeting Local 17 passed a resolution offering reduced initiation and monthly dues to employees of Gable Elevator. The plan allows current Gable employees to pay a $50 initiation fee and $50 a month dues until the company signs on to our contract or they are picked up by a current signatory at which time they will be on board for the full dues.

At this time, plans are moving ahead for a picket at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections renovation project. As of now the tear out and installation of the three existing units has been awarded to Gable and they will be the only non-union company on the job. Local 17’s VOC is fully committed to gaining 100 percent of the vertical transportation market in partnership with our signatory companies and is asking every member of the local to give two days of their vacation to the picket effort. Please contact your supervisor as soon as possible so they can plan ahead for your absence during the picket action. For more information contact Business Manager Tim Moennich at 216-431-8088, email him at or watch our website for further updates.

Where are they working?

Jim Archer, Dave Francis, Greg Seaman, Chris DeJesus, Ryan Todd and Matt Harden doing the mod at 1717 East Ninth for Schindler,

Todd Ross and Anthony Young doing escalator clean downs at Sak’s for Kone,

Ken Bowles and Lucas Jenke doing a two-car mod at Hillcrest Hospital for Otis,

Jeff Lindell, Brendan Hyland, Heath Kramer and Keith Poscocil starting the Brown’s Stadium job for Kone,

Chris Scholle and Tom Lane at Granada Apartments doing a two-car mod for Thyssen,

Jerry Szemerkovsky and Craig Nolty starting a job at Akron Children’s Hospital for Otis,

John Goggin and Mike Hogan cabling at Imperial House for Schindler,

John Patton and Tom Gombar doing a valve at Hyland Woods for Kone,

Joe Broz, Jr. and Todd Kemp doing repair work for Thyssen.

As of this writing there are six mechanics and one apprentice on the bench.

The members of Local 17 send condolences to the family of retired Brother Sam Halscheidt who passed away May 18.

Till next month,
Work smart, work, safe and slow down for safety.


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