June ’14 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:
By the time this goes to press the mid-term primaries for the Congressional and State legislatures will be over and the battle lines drawn for the coming November clash. I hope that everyone reading this that was eligible to vote in the May 6th primary exercised their right of franchise.

The race for Ohio Governor is between Republican incumbent John Kasich and Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald. Kasich is best remembered by those familiar with this space as trying to strip our organized brothers and sisters in the public sector of their collective bargaining rights with his ill-fated Senate Bill 5 initiative. Organized labor in Ohio spoke loud and clear that we stand united against anyone that tries to limit the right of any workers to organize and collectively bargain. More importantly for private sector workers like those in the trades, the right-to-work-for-less crowd was shot down by the huge margin of defeat the pro-SB5ers experienced at the polls.

As in all circumstances, vigilance in maintaining ones rights is paramount to a democracy. It is no secret that if Kasich is reelected in November, with lame duck status assured for four years, he will actively seek to turn Ohio into the next RTWFL state. This is a situation that everyone in organized labor must work diligently to hold at bay. This is why we must keep labor’s interests front and center in the political discussion. It is not about yelling at the top of your lungs to be heard above the din, it is about speaking quietly to the hearts of those around you to realize that, organized or not, we all are stronger when we stand together.

I would encourage everyone reading this to look into becoming part of the National Elevator Constructor Political Action Committee. This committee is charged with supporting candidates for office that support labor and our goals.

Where are they working?

DJ Spring and Joe Simcic installing three cars at 1010 Euclid for Otis,

Matt Weingart and Mark Carollo installing an escalator at the Racino inYoungstown for Schindler,

Bill Sellers and Tim Gibbons doing a jack job at University Hospital Mayfield for Schindler,

Kevin Thomas and Pat McCann installing an elevator at Maple Heights Senior Center for Thyssen,

Greg Seaman and Chris DeJesus doing a two-car mod at Lake Park Tower,

Jeff Ford and Jean Lafontaine doing service work at Jane Adams for Kone,

Bob Myers and Paul Scheutzow doing a three-car mod at 75 Erieview for Kone,

Tom Kelly and Mark Mehnart doing a jack at Renaissance for Otis,

Mark Byram, Chris Wyant, Robin Eaton and Max Desotell doing a four-car mod at Gateway North Parking for Schindler,

Jim Ehrbar and Tim Moore at Ameritrust for Thyssen,

Joe Chaykosky and Greg Miller are doing repair work at the West Side Market for Maximum,

Jerry Szemerkovsky and Craig Nolty doing a four-car mod at Commerce Park for Otis and,

Denny Dixon and Brendan Hyland doing a two-car mod at Bratenhal Place for Kone,


The local extends its condolences to the family of Brother Bob Kobasic who lost his father Ed. We also send out condolences to Brother Jim Goggin on the unexpected passing of his son James. James was a recently inducted as a member of Local 45 (Akron). James’ brother Tom and uncle John are members of Local 17.

As of this writing there are five mechanics on the bench.

Till next month,
Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.


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