September ’13 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:

On September 11, four apprentices will be eligible to take the Mechanics Exam.  In the November edition I will have the names of these newly minted mechanics.  To those taking the exam and those studying in the apprenticeship program, always remember that this is the easiest test you will ever take in your career as a constructor.  Your real test is how you handle the everyday situations and pressures placed on you by exigent forces.  No matter what anyone says to you about how much time you take on a job always remember that doing it in a safe manner is paramount to keeping yourself and those you are responsible too and for safe.  Use all of your appropriate safety equipment and policies because, as I said before, the last way you want to be remembered is as a fatality.

There are still opening for the welding class offered at Lincoln Electric.  If you are interested, please contact Business Agent Tim Moennich at 216-431-8088 or by email at

Congratulations to our Brothers and Sisters in Ontario province who reached a three-year agreement to settle their two-month strike on June 28th.  Although we have three years left on our current agreement in the US, this is a good time to remind everyone that creating a personal strike fund is prudent.

After 138 years in business, Edmonds Elevator, Cleveland’s oldest independent elevator company, was purchased by Thyssen Krupp effective July 1.  In a letter to Local 17, former Edmonds president Tina Schaffer said “I would like to thank you (Tim Moennich) and the union board members and local members for being so supportive and helpful while we transitioned through the personal and company loss of Big Mike (Schaffer).  You will never fully understand how much that meant to me but I assure you it did not go unnoticed.”  Big Mike Schaffer passed away last year.

Local 17 is left with six signatory companies:  the four majors and two independents, Maximum and Ross.

Currently in the Ohio Statehouse, House Bill 151 and Joint Resolution 5 have been scheduled for no further hearings.  These are the bills that would move to turn Ohio into a Right-to-Work-for-less state.

On a personal note, my daughter Michele will be married by the time this reaches print.  The time between her birth and her marriage is just a flash.  Where did it go?  I clearly recall her first steps.  She looked up at me and her eyes got wide and she smiled the biggest smile ever.  Then she stood up and walked over to me.  As I walk her down the aisle at the same church my grandfathers served together as altar boys, my thoughts will be on how I have the honor to walk her into her new life as a married woman.

There will never be a prouder man walking earth.

Where are they working?

Bill Yuhas and Kevin Driscoll at Breckenridge in Willoughby for Thyssen,

Bob Meyer and Paul Scheutzow at Cliff Tower doing a mod for Kone,

Mark Byram and Jim Rogers installing three hydros at Victory Center for Schindler,

Dave Laudermilk and Dave Gnagy doing a two-car mod at Holiday Inn for Ross Elevator,

Doug Lafontaine and Todd Ross replacing rope grippers at Forest Hills Apartments for Kone,

Charles Donner and Randy Thompson at Westlake High School installing a two-stop hydro for Thyssen,

Matt Pinchot and Ric Supinski doing a three-car mod at Metro General for Otis,

Scott Hicks and Taurus Ogletree installing an elevator at 1000 Lakeside for Schindler,

Tim Narowitz and Tony Kuhn working at Southgate Apartments for Thyssen.

As of this writing there are 15 mechanics and four apprentices off work.

Till next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety,


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