April Cleveland Citizen

Brothers and sisters:
At the March meeting, Business Agent Tim Moennich welcomed our seven probationary apprentices to their first of six meetings they are required to attend as part of their education in what it means to be a union member. After explaining the high degree of skill required to be a successful constructor and the incredible benefits we have as part of our membership he added “you should know that the companies didn’t just give us these benefits, the IUEC negotiated with them on our behalf to get these benefits.”
He continued saying that there is nothing wrong with having pride in the company you work for and that every brother and sister should be a Local 17 elevator constructor that works for a signatory company.
Moennich cautioned that the way to keeping our union strong is to protect Article IV work (work we claim) and assist each other in securing employment, engaging in education, brotherhood and politics.
The mechanics working with these youngsters have a special responsibility to teach them the right way to do things. They are their first teacher and will make the longest and deepest impression. Make it a good one.
He concluded by saying that even though we face challenges from the companies pushing members to do more with less, we have to keep safety as our primary mantra. “Each job has different challenges and risks. Every member is responsible for their safety as well as the safety of everyone around them. Every member has a responsibility to themselves, their family, friends, company and union to work safe.”
There is a signup sheet available for the welding class offered by NEIEP in partnership with Euclid-based Lincoln Electric, the world leading manufacturer of welding equipment and supplies. The class is taught four hours a night over the course of two weeks at Lincoln’s world class facility. The class offers the opportunity to qualify for a 3G and 4G (vertical up and overhead) certification. If you are interested in learning this incredibly useful skill, then contact Tim at 216-431-8088 or TMoennich@iueclocal17.org.
IUEC Local 17 is proud to announce that Business Agent Tim Moennich has been named a trustee of the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) by International General President Frank Christensen. He is one of four union and four company trustees who direct the direction of the educational program and decide on how its resources will be spent.
The trustees of the local have agreed to once again allow American Income Life Insurance Company, a 100 percent union company, offer supplemental insurance products directly to our membership. Every active member and retiree will be receiving a pack of information on the services AIL has available along with a card to send in if you are interested in being contacted by an agent. There is no obligation to respond unless you are interested in looking into the insurance services they offer.
There is still time to make your reservation for Friday, April 19, 201 as IUEC Local 17 will honor our retired members at Frank Sterle’s Slovenian Restaurant, 1401 East 55th Street. Refreshments will be served at 5:30 and dinner will begin at 6:30. As always, this is a members only event. The cost at the door is $30 per person and includes the family-style dinner. All retired members attend for free, but a reply should be sent in for a reservation. Please contact Business Agent Tim Moennich at the hall for your reservation.
GOLF OUTING UPDATE! Saturday, June 1st is the date for the annual IUEC Local 17 Golf Outing to be held again this year at Mallard Creek Golf Course, 34500 Royalton Rd., Columbia Station. It is a two-man scramble format over one of the best public courses in Cleveland. The cost this year will be $100 which includes 18 holes of golf, cart, food at the turn and afterwards as well as plenty of prizes. This is always a fun and well attended event so, clean up your clubs and make plans to attend!
IUEC Local 17 sends its condolences to the families of retired Brother Dan Tomon who passed away February 17th and Brother Keith Trinner who lost his mother.
As of this writing there are nine mechanics out of work.

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