September ’12 Cleveland Citizen

Brothers and sisters:

I am very pleased to announce that school has started for the ten new probationary apprentices and those apprentices from out of town.  This is a very good situation for all the trades in Cleveland because it means that for the first time in at least two years, we are working at full employment.  Things look good as the Med Mart moves along and the Ernst and Young tower as well as Eaton headquarters projects add new flavor to our skyline.  Repair has a healthy backlog of work and maintenance is trying to keep up with all the new jobs they are getting from construction and modernization.

I know I speak for everyone when I say that we are at the same time breathing a sigh of relief and crossing our fingers hoping it will continue.

Please remember to update your contact information with Business Agent Tim Moennich.  This is especially important if he needs to follow up with you on a question from the benefits office or NEIEP.  It is also a requirement of the International that the local has current contact information available on all its members.

As reported last month, Assistant General President Jim Higgins has assumed the position of Acting General President with the resignation and retirement of former General President Dana Brigham.  The General Executive Board of the IUEC must have met to select a new general president by this past Monday, September 10th.  For complete and up to date information, please go to the IUEC Local 17 website,

Our valiant softballers again represented Local 17 in the annual Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Labor Day Softball Tournament held again this year at James Day Park in Parma.  Unfortunately they fell to IBEW 38 in their first game, beat a very good Pipefitters 120 team in their second and finally fell to a far too quick Laborers 1099.  The highlight was Anthony Metcalf doing his best Babe Ruth impression and either striking out or hitting a home run. Again, you can go to for photos from the second days activities.

As I write this I am preparing to take a vacation to Boston with my wife to whale watch, find some real witches and visit some old and new friends.  When we come back, I’m off on another cycling adventure, this time towards South Bend, Indiana.  If the past is any clue to the future, I will be very sore on my return if I decide to come back at all.  I do not know what these two weeks will hold for me but, I am sure it will be one hell of an adventure.

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