May ’12 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and sisters:

First off, a large congratulations has to go to the International’s Labor Committee and the new contract they hammered out with NEBA.  Our give backs were minimal and the new agreement eliminates the most onerous aspect of the previous contract, namely the three-strikes clause of Article X paragraph 6, and incorporates the Assistant Mechanic classification into the language.  Benefits are bolstered throughout the term, particularly health and welfare, and we get raises every year.

Last month I talked about unions and companies working together for the betterment of their industry.  In my humble opinion the IUEC and NEBA looked beyond their own interests, viewed the broad landscape of the industry and came to the conclusion that they both can coexist and prosper.

From one grateful member, on behalf of many others, thank you.

Not much has been heard of from the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law and their effort to turn Ohio into a Right-to-Work state since they announced the effort back in November.  Now the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), a trade group of non-union builders and contractors, is paying circulators for signatures to the RTW petitions.

The incentives for an individual range from 25 cents to $1.50 per signature and those for a group go from $1000 for 1200 signatures to $1350 for 2700 signatures.  While the use of paid circulators is not unheard of in political campaigns, how many people were paid circulators for the repeal of SB 5?  My guess is none.

While polls currently favor Ohio to go RTW, the numbers are not that much different than when SB 5 went before legislators in Columbus.  It was a concerted effort by public and private-sector unions that sent SB 5 to the legislative dung heap.

Keep vigilant my friends… the next real storm is just over the horizon.

July 13th is Local 17’s first Classic Car and Bike Night at the monthly union meeting.  We are planning a cookout and refreshments after the meeting and of course spending time sharing stories about our rides.  The meeting starts at 6 pm and anyone can bring their car or bike.  I know there are members with modern classics like Challengers, Chargers, Mustangs and Corvettes as well as Harleys, Indians and Hondas of all description.  They are all welcome as well as those muscle cars and classic rides from the sixties and seventies.  I will be there with my LBC, Bridget, taking pictures to share on the website,, and in the Constructor.


Where are they working?

Ken Bowles, Gerard Szemerkovsky, Ric Supinski and Jason Sohayda installing a freight car that the Museum of Contemporary Art for Otis,

Scott Hicks, Dave Lehotan, Jim Rogers and Ron Wittwage installing two cars at the casino parking garage for Schindler,

Bernie Sickle and Ed Gimmel doing a jack and cab at Cleveland Sight Center for Schindler,

Ken Hasek, John Logue, Craig Haller, Scott Villanueva and Jason Saunders doing a mod at Key Tower for Otis,

Mark Carollo and Steve Kemp replacing doors and operators at Perry for Schindler,

John Bruner and Taurus Ogletree doing a tear out at the Union Building for Schindler,

DJ Springs, Greg Seaman, Tony Karovich, Ken Eaton, Tom Peska and Scott Erison working at the Eaton Headquarters for Otis,

Matt Pinchot and Jeff Ward doing a mod at the Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage for Otis,

Tom Gombar and Paul Schutzow doing a jack at the Salvation Army for Kone,

Don Kaiser and Tim Moore clearing up violations at 45 Erieview for Schindler,

Bob Garman and Robin Eaton doing a mod at Halle’s for Thyssen,

Jason Faber and Joe Broz Jr. doing a jack at Granada Garden apartments for Thyssen.


At this writing there are 16 mechanics and one apprentice out of work.


Till next month…

Work smart, work safe and slow down for safety.



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