February ’12 Aricle to the Cleveland Citizen

Brothers and sisters:

Leave Friday, April 20th open on your calendar for the 2012 Local 17 Retiree’s Dinner.  It will be held at Frank Sterle’s Slovenian House at 1401 East 55th Street.  Cocktails will be served at 5:30 and dinner at 6 pm.  The cost will be $30 for active members and free for retirees.  This is a great opportunity to get together and hear the history of Local 17 from the men who made it.

For readers who are interested, IUEC Local 45 in Akron is having apprenticeship recruitment through February 14.  For more information, you can contact Local 45 Business Agent Dave Morrow at 330-753-3953 or through their website at iuec45.org.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 880 have settled their strike with Rite Aid.  Local 880 wants to thank the building trades for their support during the strike and encourages its union brethren to again patronize Rite Aid.

The welding class will start March 26 and run through April 6.  The class meets from 5pm to 9pm at the world headquarters of Lincoln Electric in Euclid, Ohio.  There is a $600 deposit that is refunded on completion of the course.  The course is geared for a G3 and G4 certification and the class will be filled on a first-come first served basis.

It is good to hear about brothers and sisters taking advantage of the opportunities for continuing education offered through NEIEP.  The website offers several online courses covering a variety of topics.  If you have forgotten your login ID or password or just need help logging into the student gateway, you can call NEIEP at 508-699-2200 or 800-228-8220.  The more you know the more valuable you become.

At their September meeting, the trustees of the health benefit plan voted to terminate the services of Optimum Health and selected Carewise Health to provide precertification, disease and case management services for the plan.  This is in response to Optimum losing member information requiring the Plan to contract with Debix for identity protection services for members.

As of the January meeting there is no news on the status of the contract negotiations with NEBA.  ThyssenKrupp has joined NEBA and will negotiate the new agreement with Kone, Otis and Schindler.  Remember that we are less than six months away from the end of the contract.  Save as much as you can in the event of a work stoppage.

The January meeting also was the third reading of the proposed bylaw to raise dues $10 per quarter starting January 1st and a discretionary amount to be determined by the trustees.  After a vigorous floor debate, the proposal was amended to make that discretionary amount a recommendation to the body and subject to a floor vote for acceptance.  It was good to see so many brothers taking part in the floor debate.  Believe me, your voice was heard very loud and clear by all in attendance.

In order to keep in contact with everyone as the contract draws to a close, please be sure that your contact information is correct with Business Agent Tim Moennich.  If you have moved or changed your phone number, please let him know at 216-431-8088 or email him at TMoennich@iueclocal17.org.

Where are they working?

Jason Costa and Ryan Foley doing a fire service overlay at Westlake Condos for Schindler,

John Goggin and Joe Sumph doing comp ropes at Erieview Tower for Schindler,

Bob Brady and Tom Kelly doing a cylinder replacement at GE Ivanhoe for Otis,

Jeff Lindell and Brendan Hyland installing escalators at the Art Museum for Kone,

Neil Beechuk and Nick Meyer finishing a two-stop hydro at Mount Saint Joseph for Thyssen,

Jason Fredrick, Anthony Metcalf, Bill Dudas and Todd Belak doing a changeover at Halle’s for Thyssen,

Scott Hicks and Chris DeJesus doing a three-car mod at the casino for Schindler,

Bob Meyer and Tom Gombar doing a mod at the Salvation Army for Kone,

Ken Bowles and Jason Sohayda doing a mod at Kaiser for Otis,

Jason Faber and Joe Broz Jr. doing a jack at Copper Tree for Thyssen.

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